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"The Ken Eaton Foundation" was founded by Jennifer and Dr. Rico Bertagnolli in memory of Jennifer's father Ken Eaton, who was murdered in an anti-gay hate crime in Des Moines, Iowa, February 13, 1988.

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Hate Crime Support Group

The foundation was created to honor Ken Eaton a fun, energetic, and creative man who enjoyed the arts, teaching, and his family. Ken touched many lives as a school teacher and is still deeply missed by many. This Foundation is to honor the memory of Ken's life and also heal the hearts of so many that miss Ken Eaton.

Ken EatonThe foundation will serve to focus on the prevention of crime through victims voices. Our goal is to put a voice and a face to victims across America in hopes to prevent crime. Through the foundations efforts to prevent crime, the foundation hopes to take a horrible occurrence and turn it into a positive. If we can help heal one heart or open one mind and prevent crime, the Foundation has served its purpose.

Please join the crusade against hate crime in America with The Ken Eaton Foundation.

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"Healing Hearts and Opening Minds"
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